Using Jupyter notebooks with Azure Sentinel? New version of msticpy Python tools released.


Just released new version (0.3.2) of msticpy (Python security tools for CyberDefense Jupyter Notebooks)


This release is mostly maintenance and housekeeping but we've started exposing msticpy functionality as pandas extensions.

What does that mean? 

Instead of building your pandas DataFrame and then passing it to the event TimeLine plot function, you can just call it directly as a method of the DataFrame - just like the built-in pandas plot() functions! Thank you pandas!


Also added two Jupyter/IPython magics: %%b64 and %%ioc. You can use the Base64/zip/tar/gz decoding and IoC extraction functions on text pasted directly into a notebook cell.



GitHub Release notes 

You can install from PyPi "pip install msticpy"

Full documentation: Msticpy ReadtheDocs 

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