Unable to query signinlogs for multiple users

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Hi Team,
I'm trying to query signinlogs table for last x days for multiple users at a time but unable to get results. I'm using UserDisplayName contains field followed by "and" operator to seperate each user name but no go ,can somebody from community help.
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If you know their userprincipalnames you can use the in operator

| where TimeGenerated > ago(14d)
| where UserPrincipalName in~ ("", "", "")

If you want to use multiple contains, you want the 'or' operator, and would mean a sign on log would need to match all the conditions

| where TimeGenerated > ago(7d)
| where UserDisplayName contains "Bob Smith" or UserDisplayName contains "Jane Jon" or UserDisplayName contains "Dinesh G"
Thank you Zorich, with ~in operator I'm able get the results for multiple users but the query with contains not giving the results.Anyway I got what I want thanks