Translate Splunk query to Sentinel

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Is there a good source/site to translate Splunk queries into Kusto/Sentinel?  I've managed to get the first part but it's the second part that is the challenge.  This is what I'm looking to translate:


| stats dc(id.resp_h) as "#Dest",dc(id.resp_p) as "#Port" by id.orig_h | sort "#Dest","#Port" desc


I've tried but it didn't translate, just say translate temporarily unavailable.


The search is counting the unique number of destinations a source tries to access.

Thanks, Joe

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@j0ebeer this specific example translate trivially. Here's a modified version for the CommonSecurityLog table:


| summarize ["#Src"] = dcount(SourceIP), ["#Ports"] = dcount(DestinationPort) by DestinationIP
| order by ['#Src'], ['#Ports'] desc