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Hello - 


I've linked my customer tenant and mssp tenant with azure lighthouse, and I have access to my customer's defender for endpoint instance. 

Next - I need to configure a ticketing solution for me as the mssp to manage customers and integrate with log analytics/sentinel/defender.


What is recommended? Thanks.

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Can someone provide resources for me to get started and which ticketing solution I should be looking at
I think you can use this list to see what is the best ITSM solution for you
You may know that ITSM connector is avalable only for :
System Center Service Manager
You need to find an ITSM that can handle Azure Event Hubs so you can leverage webhook alerts like this : https://support.atlassian.com/opsgenie/docs/integrate-opsgenie-with-microsoft-azure-event-hubs/
Hi Ibrahimambodji -
It looks like this "opsgenie" linked is a layer between Azure and the ticketing solution?
Where are some resources to help understand the technology best and what my options are.
The last piece of my puzzle in building an MSSP is a ticketing solution.
Hello Bodji,
For the most efficient ticketing solution technology and customization, would it be best to implement opsgenie with another ticketing solution?
I see that Zendesk links with Opsgenie.
Is opsgenie needed, or are there other ITSM that will do everything Opsgenie is offering.
I'm confused - thank you .

Should I be looking into azure event hubs and a ticketing solution?
Or Azure event hubs + opsgenie + ticketing solution.

I'd like to know what's needed to run successful MSSP with incident alerting/customization, from there I can dive into the technology and configure.
Hi i don't know if Zendesk and Opsgenie have basically the same feature but they are both ITSM solutions and popular as well . Sorry i'm not able to tell you what is the best ticketing solution but i thing if you start comparing them regarding your criterias you can end up with a shortlist and try them.In any case Azure Event Hubs is mandatory to stream logs/alerts to a third party tool . I work for a medium company that use Opsgenie and implement it with Azure Event Hubs that's why i mentionned it .