source ip location and filtering based on the geolocation

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Hi All,



need to check if any IP address from Ukraine and Russia is connecting to my network through my Perimeter FortiGate Firewall. could you please let me know how i can do the filtering based on geolocation? how can i achieve this


Thanks in advance for your support.


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Good timing - I just answered this type of question on another thread earlier today, maybe

let IP_Data = 
    external_data(network:string,geoname_id:long,continent_code:string,continent_name:string ,country_iso_code:string,    country_name:string,is_anonymous_proxy:bool,is_satellite_provider:bool)
    with (ignoreFirstRecord=true, format="csv");
| where DeviceVendor == "Fortinet"
| where DeviceProduct startswith "Forti"
| summarize ipCount=count() by IPAddress=DestinationIP    
| where isnotempty(IPAddress)
| evaluate ipv4_lookup(IP_Data, IPAddress, network)
| where country_iso_code  in ('RU','UA')


You just ned to swap line #8 to SourceIP if you want that instead?   You may need to add other 'where' filters but this should be the basics.

This is the first time I saw this ipv4_lookup plugin, it looks great.
Is this something that was added recently?
In the past 12-6months maybe - not sure ;)

hello, friend,I lost my laptop,I only have Mac address, can I get the criminal internet ip location?
I can use microsoft count search the laptop location, but it is not very, accurate, arround 200m difference, criminal use it connect with wifi, Can I get his IP?