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I am trying to develop a query which determines how many users sign in from each office around the country. For the location of each office, I have the latitude and longitude.
The following was my initial approach:
1. Create a table with the office name, latitude and longitude
2. Generate geohash value
3. Generate geohash value for sign-in geocoordinates in the SignIn table
4. Join two tables on geohash value
let Office = datatable(Office:string, longitude:real, latitude:real)
"Durham", double(-78.90213775634764),35.99591827392578,
"LondonStrand", double(-0.016599999740719796),51.58330154418945,
"NYNEW", double(-0.7399736916),40.75118126
| extend geohash = geo_point_to_geohash(longitude, latitude);
let SignIn=SigninLogs
| extend latitude_ = tostring(parse_json(tostring(LocationDetails.geoCoordinates)).latitude)
| extend longitude_ = tostring(parse_json(tostring(LocationDetails.geoCoordinates)).longitude)
| extend geohash = geo_point_to_geohash(latitude_, longitude__);
| join kind=inner SignIn on geohash
When I try to get geohash from SignIn logs, I receive an error.
I'm a bit lost now after hitting a brick wall for so long.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Possibly another approach?
Many Thanks
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let SignIn=
| extend latitude_ = todouble(parse_json(tostring(LocationDetails.geoCoordinates)).latitude)
| extend longitude_ = todouble(parse_json(tostring(LocationDetails.geoCoordinates)).longitude)
| extend geohash = geo_point_to_geohash(latitude_, longitude_)
Thank you very much, Clive! I have no idea how I missed changing the "tostring" to "todouble". I guess one of those days....
You also had a double underscore in this line, so you probably missed it because of that other error:

latitude_, longitude__)

Glad it worked!