SentinelHealth - Analytic Rules failed to run

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Hi Community, anyone know what is the so call "TemporaryIssuesDelay" ?


Code: TemporaryIssuesDelay
Description: The rule's running was delayed due to temporary issues.
Microsoft documentation didn't explain much on the error
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@ahhann This certainly is ambiguous. I would check a few things to troubleshoot further. Assuming you have checked that Sentinel doesn't have a global issue, I would check network latency especially with firewalls, proxies, etc. Then I would look at resource utilization especially if you are having issues with analytics associated with AMA. I would also look to see if it only occurs with NRT rule compared to rules that run once a day (or some other non-NRT rule). Also I would look for any failure messages that occurs around the same time that may be a dependency or associated service. 

If this doesn't help I would contact MSFT support. 


Hope this helps.