Sentinel meetup in London on the 29th


Hi Everyone,


There is an Azure Sentinel meetup in central London on May 29th. The event is not affiliated with Microsoft, and I am sure will be both educational and fun. Always great to meet people with similar interests.


So if you are around and want to join or want to forward it to someone:


~ Ofer

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Hello, as a French resident, it is impossible for me to come to London. Thus, if a presentation is made, dealing with feedbacks on the preview, would it be possible for you to share it (video record or report, or whatever else) ?
This kind of events should occur soon in France, I'll let you know about feedbacks too, it if you are interested in !


This is not a Microsoft initiated event. I am just helping to spread the word. I will ask the organizers if they can record.

Also, if someone from the community in France wants to have such a community event, we would love to participate and contribute as community members, as we do in London. When we have a Microsoft run event in France we will announce it here of course.

~ Ofer