Sentinel Log analytic workspace settings --->operational error

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Hello everyone,

what is the below error is all about..?


can someone expalin it what action need to perform from our tenant level...?






The following fields' values properties of type TENANTMICROSOFTWINDOWSDEFENDERATP_ADVANCEDHUNTINGDEVICEPROCESSEVENTS have been trimmed to the max allowed size, 65532 bytes. Please adjust your input accordingly. (1)




The data ingestion volume rate crossed 80% of the threshold in your workspace: 500.00 MB per one minute. Please contact support to increase the threshold and avoid potential data loss. Learn more: (1)






2 Replies
1) What are you doing when this error message was shown?
2) It seems that you are ingesting too much data per minute. Not sure what you are doing but can you throttle the data being sent? Go to that link to get more information.

@GBushey yeah as followed the instructions, now the operational warnings gone.