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Sentinel across multi-region/workspaces

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We have resource deployed in two regions, East US and Central US. We are using Central US as as zone pair to East US and with that was wondering if I need to create a log analytics workspace for the resources in Central US, and if so, how do I configure/associate Sentinel to both workspaces?



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@Jeff Walzer No need to pair them. You can have multiple workspaces and query across them using a single Azure Sentinel console. Here's an example...


union Update, workspace("otherworkspacename").Update, workspace("otherworkspaceID").Update
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(1h)
| where UpdateState == "Needed"
| summarize dcount(Computer) by Classification


You can even save a query like this as a Function so you can just use the Function alias to use it.


Question is...why do you think you might need multiple Sentinel workspaces? Best practice is to use a single workspace if possible.


Reasons why you might want to use multiple workspaces:

  • Use of multiple Azure tenants
  • For compliance and sovereignty reasons
  • To reduce networking costs across regions


Reasons to avoid multiple workspaces:

  • Separate billing
  • Fine grained retention settings
  • Fine grained access control
  • Legacy architecture


@rodtrent- thx for the reply and information.


The reason I thought I would need multiple workspaces is because we have resources in different regions. Is it possible to have resources is one region forward metrics/events via the diagnostic and log analytics agent to another region (in my case resources in the Central region forwarding metrics/events to the East region)?



@Jeff Walzer Yes, absolutely. Azure Sentinel becomes the single pane of glass for your entire infrastructure.

This webinar might interest you also:

Around 58m they talk about multiple workspaces and your use case

@Thijs Lecomte- TYVM for the link - greatly appreciated