Registering to participate in private preview for Investigations

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A few weeks ago (and then again about a week ago) I registered for Sentinel's Investigations preview, yet I haven't received any kind of response. What does it take to join this program? If we don't qualify, there should be some criteria listed or we should get an answer. We are just trying to make Sentinel better. I am writing some articles on Sentinel and I can only mention the "Register to preview" for investigations.


Adrian Grigorof

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Preview is still being worked out, at this point no news are good news. You;ll be updated as soon as the feature is released.

@agrigorof Hi, i have same issue. I would like a try this features, but i can't :(

Hi @agrigorof, I run the private preview program and am happy to look into this. I will send you a private message.  

The most likely cause was our recent Azure freeze. In respect for all the companies that were critical resources during the COVID peak, we voluntarily put Azure changes on hold for a length of time. That freeze has now ended and previews are starting to be deployed again.



Thanks for the reply but as you can see, that request was from April 2019. Obviously, I have full access to the Sentinel Investigate feature.