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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Raw Logs Download (Sentinel)

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Hi Team,

Is there any way I can download the raw log from Sentinel? I am investigating alert from Sentinel default template "Brute force attack against Azure Portal" which has basically my name but I want to see how the alert got generated. I know the threshold is "5" by default but if I can see the logs too then I will be sure that this is how it happened. Still learning Sentinel so any help would be appreciated :) 

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@msef280 If you run a query in Logs you can then export the results to a CSV file or for use in PowerBI. Hope that helps

Agree with Gary. Trust the tool. :) However, I have a PowerShell script that will download specific tables, if you want to do it that way...
Thanks a lot guys for the reply :) So what I am trying to see all 5 events of this alert which I am unable to see. It does tell me that 5 failures happened that's why the alert got created but I am not able to see those 5 events. (see screenshot attached)
hope this KQL helps you

let StartTime=ago(24h);
let StopTime=now();
|where TimeGenerated >StartTime and TimeGenerated <=StopTime
|where user=="username"
|project pack_all()