Query cannot find OfficeActivity table


I've posted a similar question on the Log Analytics forum as I believe that this has to do more with it than Sentinel so I apologize for the double posting. 


I have at least two instances where I receive OfficeActivity logs from Office 365 yet, when I try to query it, the table cannot be found:

Example query:

| limit 10



'take' operator: Failed to resolve table or column expression named 'OfficeActivity'


The connector has been configured several days ago and I know that the logs are received:




While I tried to connect from 3 different ISPs with no luck, it seems that from some locations, the data is accessible so it must be something about these tables being replicated through Azure. I have contributor role to the subscription.


On another Sentinel instance, I'm able to get the OfficeActivity query results if I try to submit it 3-4 times. 


Any thoughts?

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Please open a support ticket. this sounds like a bug.