QualysVM deployed without error but no data visible

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We deployed the new Qualys VM data connector 


following the process on the connector page using:

"Option 1 - Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template" 

The preRequisites are met and the deployment log appears to show success


Yet in Sentinel it shows "Not Connected" and no value for "Last Log received" and if we look through/query the tables for "QualysHostDetection_CL" we find nothing. 

In Function App we can see (attached) the QualysVM Function App is "Running"

The only hint of a possible anomaly we can see is in the Functions tab for that Function App it displays the (attached) warning that the app is in RO mode but it shows as executing successfully each five minutes with no Fails.  


How do we go about diagnosing this?



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Same problem. Did you solve it?