Project Sentinel workbooks on SOC TV screens?

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Hi all, 


We use kiosk computers to show monitoring dashboards etc. on TV screens in our operations room. Is there a good/secure way to display some Sentinel stuff there? For example, I have made a workbook showing all AAD sign-in logs on a map. That would be sweet to project on a screen.


Is this wise or is the product not really made for this kind of SOC-view stuff? Automatic refresh would be a requirement. 





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@Björn Lagerwall There is no auto-refresh in Azure Sentinel workbooks so you would either need to refresh your page manually or use a 3rd party add-in that will refresh your page periodically.


I believe the data is also cached although I do not know for how long.

Thanks for fast reply, Gary.

I suspected that. Also, login to the dashboard/workbook would have to be sorted as well. A bit of a bummer, really like to have a situational awareness view on TV screens. Also, our bosses likes them nice graphs ;)
You can pin certain Workbook items to a Azure Dashboard which does have auto refresh

@Björn Lagerwall Building on what Clive wrote, Microsoft's Rod Trent just posted a blog post that shows how to pin an entire workbook to a dashboard.

@Gary Bushey @Rod Trent thanks. Will check it out!