Programmatic Deployment

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I'm investigating automating an Azure Sentinel deployment, however, I can't see anything in the ARM reference for Azure Sentinel.


Could you share how one might deploy & configure Azure Sentinel programmatically?




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@bytemech There is nothing available now (believe me I have been bugging anyone I know to try to get some information on it) but I was told it would be coming soon.  No firm date that I know of yet.



No planned date yet.

Hi ,

How do you guys manage your configurations (Analytics rules, Playbook, Workbooks, Data Connectors) ? 

Do you keep a copy on a private DevOps project and deploy the configuration manually ? (could be automate for the PlayBook ..)
or just configure the solution without any copies in DevOps ...

A solution could be
This module allow us create , remove, update Sentinel rules :)