Palo CEF logging to messages not syslog

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When I run the i see the following logged to screen


sudo tac /var/log/syslog
tac: failed to open ‘/var/log/syslog’ for reading: No such file or directory
Located 0
 CEF\ASA messages

When I went to read /var/log/syslog, i found that log didn't exist. 

My next move was to check messages and that's where i found all my CEF messages. How do i configure rsyslog to log to /var/log/syslog?




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My friend after working with MS for 4 hours, we rebuild the server on Ubuntu, it fixed all the problems :)

@arshad80 and yes it was CentOS with the similar issue you had, i installed new CentOS same issue so i ended up calling MS and they had me install ubuntu and guess what it fixed this issue.