Okta integration with Sentinel

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Has anyone had any experience with getting Okta events ingesting into Sentinel? 

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@Dev_Choudhary Have you had a chance to look at the Okta integration information here?



Hey @Rod_Trent 


Thanks for sharing this. Initially I was looking for some connector but Now I have configured the logstash and able to ingest the okta events.

@Dev_Choudharycan you please share insights in how to configure this integration? We are stuck on getting the "gem" plugins to install in logstash. Thank you so much, John (@ howdy @Rod_Trent !)


Hi @John_Joyner 


Please refer below link for okta plugin.



Install this okta input plugin for Logstash and also install below output plugin for Sentinel 


So appreciate your reply @Dev_Choudhary we know about those two URLs, but are unsuccessful at installing the plugins. The good news is that a recent Playbook was made available with works perfectly and is so simple to get working compared to the logstash method: