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Apr 03 2024, 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
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Office operations missing username

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We get the odd alert through for rare office operations that doesn't seem to have any information on the user or mailbox the operation was performed on.


I suspect this may be because the user or mailbox in question has been deactivated but I cannot be sure. We have other logs showing the usernames properly.


Here is a sample of an Add-MailboxPermission command that demonstrates this (data has been scrubbed):

"Name": "Identity",
"Value": "mailbox the permissions will allow access to"
"Name": "User",
"Value": "<Organisation Exchange Id>\\$001ABC-D12EF3GH4I56" - this normally shows a username
"Name": "AccessRights",
"Value": "FullAccess"
"Name": "InheritanceType",
"Value": "All"


Does anyone know what this $001ABC-D12EF3GH4I56 parameter is called and how I could map it to an actual user? I cannot seem to find a matching string in Exchange properties.

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I've managed to figure this out. A fresh set of eyes will do you good for any problem. :stareyes:


It's the samaccountname it seems which you can find via Exchange powershell.



Get-Mailbox -Identity | fl



Running this command to search by SamAccountName will output the user. This didn't work for me initially because I was using double quotes but you need to use single quotes to stop the dollar sign from being expanded into a variable


get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | where-object {$_.SamAccountName -eq '$1ABCD0-EFGH23456'}



I'm thinking now there could be a way to leverage some of the steps in this blog article to automatically link this attribute to a username via Exchange 365.


What you will see as well if you expand the Office Activity logs is that there will often be a similar event logged just before or just after which will have the actual username in it anyway.