Obfuscated string literals

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I came across this tidbit in about obfuscating string literals in KQL and it gives this example


print x="" h'sv=2012-02-12&se=2013-04-13T0...'


However when I run it, nothing gets obfuscated. Based on my reading I should see:*****************************


but I don't.  Has anyone else tried this?

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@Gary Bushey 


I'm fairly sure this applies only to KQL in Azure Data Explorer and isn't supported by Log Analytics 

@Gary Bushey I don't think obfuscation hides the data in query results, but rather in query logging. 

@CliveWatson Well bummer.  Thanks for the answer :smile:

@Gary Bushey : using the obfuscation format is still recommended as it would ensure the string is obfuscated when logged.

@Ofer_Shezaf I could see using it if you are writing to the logs yourself but if I am using something like the OfficeActivity log I don't see any way that I would be able to control what is obfuscated

@Gary Bushey : Should have been clearer, I meant when the service logs internally queries execution, and in the future also to users, they are obfuscated.