No Analytics Rule for Dark Trace??




We have a client having Dark Trace installed within their environment and we have Data Connector enabled. however I dont see any Analytics rule associated with Dark Trace. Is it to any worth to integrate Dark Trace with Azure Sentinel?? 


Since to-date I have never seen any alert being generated, while if I go to the Dark Trace workbook it shows some malicious activities?? Just want to understand the value of the integration?? Are the events from workbook considered malicious, if yes then why no Analytics rule in place to trigger incidents??




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@FahadAhmed You will see that a lot of the data connectors, especially those written by third parties, do not have any associate analytic rules.  It is up to the 3rd party as to what to provide with their data connector.   Hopefully, with the advent of the Content Hub, this will happen less and less as the analytic rules can be combined with the data connectors.


Based on the description of the Darktrace workbook, I would say the malicious activities shown are indeed items that need to be investigated.  I would also suggest looking at the KQL in the workbook and seeing if you can use that to make your Analytics rules to create the alerts.



....and if you do create some Rules (or anything really) if you are happy sharing with the community, please see