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Happy Friday all! I hope you are all doing well, and the week was one of success.
This week ends for me planning to hit the road again, with many more upcoming trips. I’m happy to get back to traveling. There’s nothing like talking to a group of people and seeing the actual responses on their faces.
On Sunday, I head out to speak at an in-person conference called the Midwest Management Summit (MMS). This conference is hosted in the Radison Blu in Bloomington, Minnesota. The hotel is attached to the Mall of America. I’ll be busy, for sure. I have two of my own sessions (Microsoft Sentinel), co-presenting on three others, participating in two panels, and hosting a couple meetups. I’ll also be attempting to join in our Microsoft Security Insights show on Wednesday live from the conference. I’ll be asking a few people from the conference to join as guests, so if you have the time you might try to join in.
A few weeks after this conference I’ll be headed to the RSA conference in San Francisco. There are some really great things going on at RSA including our own Microsoft security booth and the MISA awards. If anyone listening in will be at RSA this year, let me know. I’d love to meet up and talk Microsoft Sentinel. Hit me up on Twitter (@rodtrent) to let me know.
There’s not a lot additional to share this week, but there’s some great content to sift through. So, I’ll leave you to it.
Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.
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