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New Azure Network Security and Azure Sentinel Blog Posts | Integrating Azure Sentinel/Azure Firewall




We’re excited to announce a seamless integration between Azure Firewall and Azure Sentinel. Now, you can get both detection, prevention and response automation in the form of an easy-to-deploy Azure Firewall solution for Azure Sentinel. Combining these capabilities allow you to ensure that you both prevent sophisticated threats when you can, while also maintaining an “assume breach mentality” to detect and quickly/automatically respond to cyberattacks.


The Azure Firewall Solution for Azure Sentinel is now available.  Please see the security community blog to learn about the new threat detections, hunting queries and automation for Azure Firewall that are included in this new solution <Optimize security with Azure Firewall solution for Azure Sentinel - Microsoft Security>.


The automation capability for Azure Firewall with Azure Sentinel is provided with the new Logic App Connector and Playbook Templates.  With this integration, you can automate response to Azure Sentinel incidents which contains IP addresses (IP entity), in Azure Firewall.  The new Connector and Playbook templates allow security teams to get threat detection alerts directly in a Microsoft Teams Channel when one of the Playbooks attached to an Automation Rule triggers based on a Sentinel detection rule.  Security incident response teams can then triage, perform one click response and remediation in Azure Firewall to block or allow IP address sources and destinations based on these alerts. 


To learn more about deploying, configuring and using the automation for Azure Firewall with the new Custom Logic App connector and Playbooks, please review the instructions in the blog here <Automated Detection and Response for Azure Firewall with the New Logic App Connector and Playbooks (...>.


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