Need the export/download dashboard data in pdf format ?

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I want to download dashboard data in pdf format, currently on downloading I am getting JSON format file. According to the requirement, I need to convert Dashboard data to pdf format and provide it to the client directly. Is it possible using Azure Portal or any Azure CLI tool?

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@barcaraj What dashboard are you talking about? The Overview blade? Or, are you talking about Workbooks?

You could consider a Logic App (playbook); if you have lots of data you may need parallel branches.

Recurrence trigger --> "Run Query and visualize results" --> use a convert to pdf option supported by Logic Apps - Send via email

Basically, i need the portal dashboard so I can pin every query results out there at one place and get it downloaded. But i am also getting everything in Workbook, so is this possible in the case of Workbooks?? @Rod_Trent

You can pin queries to an Azure Dashboard, but not to a Workbook - that is option being looked at (no commitment yet).

Along this line of thought, is there a query that can produce the stats from the portal? That being the Events, Alerts, Incidents bar and also the "Events and alerts over time" chart in Overview. Would love to be able to export that view and send it in an email or something like that.

Yes, we can get details of azure activities using queries but I am looking for that export button only through which i can email or download anything that is possible. Basically the perfect view of tables and charts which can be provided directly to clients. @ReganDangerCarey 

@ReganDangerCarey Remember that almost every visualization you see in Azure Sentinel is powered by KQL queries - so everything you see can be exposed through the queries. 


I've been working recently for a couple customers with smaller security/operations teams that prefer email notifications for various Sentinel things (Incidents, etc.) instead of jumping into the console every morning. If I have time, I'll look into producing something that includes all the Overview blade information.