MSSP Multi subscription with one workspace for each

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Hey guys so i was wondering if I'm running MSSP ( SOC center ) and all my clients are on premises ( they don't have azure tenants ) . is it practical if I created a subscription (and workspace per subscription ) for each client instead of tenant ( having multiple subscriptions ) ? in other words is there away without having tenant per client?

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Each customer should have their own Azure tenant & subscription tied to it:
1. This will support you from a compliance standpoint.
2. Help each customer to being & manage the identities to Azure AD.
3. Help with billing & licensing.
4. Help each customer to setup / define their own response plan.
Being an MSSP you can leverage Azure Lighthouse to see them all in a single place.
so having a tenant is a must?
Yes, that is ideal from a compliance point of view.
No, you can't do that. Each client needs their own Azure subscription because they own their data, They need to be able to run Sentinel after their contract with you expires.