Monitoring creation of costly vms

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I'm grappling with an issue - i want to create an analytics rule in sentinel to monitor the creation of anomalous - more expensive than usual - virtual machines. 

However, I cant seem to find any cost data that i can feed into the sentinel's log analytics workspace.

How can I monitor for such things?

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I've used this in the past you can download a CSV file, so it could be a watchlist or something to access with the externaldata operator?
Are you specifically wanting it in logs or are you wanting to prevent someone from being able to spin up a expensive machine?


I specifically want to have in the logs so that i'll be able to create an analytics rule to monitor the spin up of expensive vms.

preventing it is the next step.

Hmm that might be an option, I'll look into it, thanks.
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Hello Daniel,

You can use this rule from GitHub
to monitor creation of expensive VMs. The "tokens" array contains VM types that you can define and get alerts based on creation of them.
You can take examples of the array parameters from here: or from the link that Clive_Watson sent.