Microsoft sentinel custom parsers

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Dear All,


There are charges as per the Microsoft website for creating custom coloumns during parsing. 


Please let me know the following:-

What is the charge exactly?

How much i will charge if i do parsing and create a single custom coloumns?

What is i do the parsing and use the already existing coloumns for example "Account", is there any charges for it? Kindly share any supporting documents or links from Microsoft for support.





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The change is applicable only for the data ingested.
E.g. - If you ingest 1 GB data through your syslog server to Sentinel it will have a one time cost for
1. ingestion + analysis
2. 90 days retention
Now, if you create multiple parsers (similar to views) they query the ingested data for multiple time , they are free of cost.
Hope this helps.



There is no cost for post-ingestion parsing and no change to the data. This is essentially a query or reusable function that displays the parsed data in a view.


Transformation or pre-ingestion parsing can change the data This feature is in preview and pricing information has not been announced. Data collection transformations - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Learn