Microsoft 365 Defender data connector and error ('AdvancedHunting-CloudAppEvents are not supported')

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I have a client who has set up the Microsoft 365 Defender data connector, and on selecting the 'connect events' for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and saving the configuration, the following error is generated...



The exact error is: 'AdvancedHunting-CloudAppEvents are not supported'.

I have not checked the configurations in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal under Cloud Apps yet, but has anyone come across this error and is it likely to be related to a configuration issue?

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Hey @JMSHW0420 


This isnt related to a configuration error within Defender for Cloud Apps


I was wondering what version of the connector are you using to generate this error?



Hi there 


what license is your client on? Also is you cant see advanced hunting in the defender portal, you may be on the wrong license which is why it says its not supported. this was the issue with one of my clients


Thank you