Logic App issue - UnsupportedMediaType

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Hi all, I am running into issues trying to use "Alert - Get Accounts" in a Logic App triggered by Recurrence and then "Run Query and list results" that grabs new Sentinel incidents each minute.  The splat on the Logic Apps run failure says "UnsupportedMediaType"
  "Message""The request entity's media type 'text/plain' is not supported for this resource."
Attached is the Logic App details and then the error.  Anybody else had issues with this.  I have tried recreating the Logic App from scratch and the issue remains.  I am assuming the input needs to be formatted?  Anybody have some ideas?
SOLVED: For some reason the content type was not coming through as JSON.  Just had to cast JSON.  Via CodeView we had to use 
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Hi @Lance_Peterson, glad to see that you were able to solve the issue! 

Thanks Lance, I encountered this error, and your solution solved the issue.