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Hi all,


I am looking for a way to get an audit of all log sources coming into Microsoft Sentinel. I suspect that I will need to write a KQL query to do this, but I was wondering if there was an easier or simpler way of doing it. I know that data comes into Sentinel via Data Connectors, but the Data Connectors make it confusing to get a list of all log sources from that one Connector. If anyone had any tips or advice I would appreciate it.



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 If you go to Content Hub and install the Workspace Audit and Workspace Usage Report workbooks it should get you close to what you need.


If this isn't what you need I would start with this KQL and then filter to what you need. 


| where OperationNameValue startswith "MICROSOFT.SECURITYINSIGHTS"


Hope this helps.




If you just want the Tables the Workbooks referenced above use this query or a variation:

| where TimeGenerated > ago(30d)
| summarize count(), GBytes=round(sum(Quantity)/1000,2) by DataType, IsBillable