Limit to number of rows exported to PowerBI?

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I am trying to create some PowerBI reports for my customer (no, I cannot use workbooks) and in order to get some good charts I need to be able to import a large number (1M+) number of rows but it seems that I get only about 100K at most.   Does anyone know if there is a limit to what Log Analytics will allow to be exported at one time (kind of like the 10K limit on the number of rows you can see when querying the logs)?



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@Gary Bushey 


10k for the query (as you mention), 500K for the api - so you may need two bins - each at 500k ?

@CliveWatson Thanks, I read about that limitation in one page I was looking at.   For some reason I  cannot even get the 500K.

I must be running into the size limit of 64Mb since if I just return 1 column I get my 500K rows.  :(

@Gary Bushey 


Are you able to summarize the data in some way (I know this reduces the accuracy for PowerBI) but do they really need 1m rows?  Just a small change helps...


| project ActivityStatus 

| summarize count(ActivityStatus) by bin(TimeGenerated,1s)

Go to Log Analytics and Run Query


In the above Query #1, it hits the 10k limit, Query #2 returns 6681 with just a 1s bin.  

@CliveWatson Thanks again.  I'll see what I can do to adjust the needed queries.