KQL Syntax question

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I was looking at the KQL for one of the charts in a workbook and came across this statement that I cannot figure out what it does.


AppDisplayName in ('*'or '*' in ('*')
The full statement up to that part is 
let data = SigninLogs
    | extend AppDisplayName = iff(AppDisplayName == '''Unknown', AppDisplayName)
    | where AppDisplayName in ('*'or '*' in ('*')
Anyone know what that statement means?
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@Gary Bushey

in allows you to to use a list.  so where AppDisplayName in ('*') is saying basically where appdisplayname is populated.

@Nicholas DiCola (SECURITY JEDI) So does

"*" in ("*")


A) If any column has data

B) if all columns have data

C) Something entirely different?

@Gary Bushey 

since its an or it should be A