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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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KQL "not in watchlist" not working

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Hi, I am trying to create a query that will display SHA256 hashes of .XLL files that are known as malicious or unknown hashes, while ignoring known good hashes. I have created 2 watchlists, "good" and "bad" containing known good SHA256 hashes and known bad and my query uses the following logic:



let good_ = _GetWatchlist("good_xll") | project  SHA256;
let bad_ = _GetWatchlist("bad_xll") | project  SHA256;
| where FileName endswith ".xll"
| where SHA256 !in(good_) or SHA256 in(bad_)



There should only be 1 result appearing because I created my own malicious test .xll file but instead, it shows up along with 1 or 2 other .xlls with hashes that are part of the "good" watchlist.


I have tested various methods and the only thing that ended up working was to manually create a list of strings within the query like: where SHA256 !in("hash1""hash2""hash3", etc...)


Thanks in advance and any suggestions of what I may be doing wrong?

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Are you have a case sensitivity issue, maybe try:

| where FileName endswith tolower(".dll")


| where SHA256!in~ (good_)


Hi, I tried adding your suggestions but it is still displaying the items included in the watchlist.


I've attached a screenshot of my actual query and the watchlist I am using and as you can see, the resulting SHA256s are exact matches to that of the workbook. Suspicious file.xll is my test file that is being properly reported, but I can't seem to figure out why the SHA256s in the workbook are still being displayed

My queryMy query

Watchlist resultsWatchlist results