KQL query not showing sourec country info

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Hi Team,


I created one query from commonsecurity table it showing destination country info but not source country. Please help me to find out source country info also. source country column getting empty but destnation column getting info like ip and country name


| where DeviceProduct has 'PAN-OS' and DeviceVendor =~ 'Palo Alto Networks' and Activity =~ 'THREAT'
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(1d)
| extend IsLateral = iif(((ipv4_is_private(SourceIP) == true) and (ipv4_is_private(DestinationIP)== true)) , 'true', 'false')
    | where IsLateral == 'false'
    | extend IsOutbound = iif(((ipv4_is_private(SourceIP) == true) and (ipv4_is_private(DestinationIP) == false)) , 'true', 'false'),
             IsInbound = iif(ipv4_is_private(SourceIP) == false, 'true', 'false')
    | extend TrafficDirection = iif((IsOutbound == 'true'), "Outbound", "Inbound")
| extend Simplified_Firewall_Action = iif((DeviceAction in ("allow", "alert", "block-continue", "continue")), 'Allowed', 'Blocked')
| parse  kind=regex flags=U AdditionalExtensions with * "DstLocation=" DestinationCountry ';' * "SrcLocation=" SourceCountry
| summarize count() by DeviceEventClassID, LogSeverity, Detailed_Firewall_Action = DeviceAction, Simplified_Firewall_Action, TrafficDirection, SourceCountry, DestinationCountry
| project Date = now(-1d), Subtype = DeviceEventClassID, Severity = LogSeverity, Detailed_Firewall_Action, Simplified_Firewall_Action, TrafficDirection, SourceCountry, DestinationCountry, Count=count_

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Generally if the Vendor doesn't supply the data you would have to try and look it up in another Table.

By the way you could have used ASIM for this (simple example):

// or use _ASim_NetworkSession if you dont need a parameter
| where Activity =~"Threat"
| distinct DstGeoCountry, SrcGeoCountry

note: GeoCountry are optional in the schema
| parse kind=regex flags=U AdditionalExtensions with * "DstLocation=" DestinationCountry ';' * "SrcLocation=" SourceCountry : string
this is correct line.