(KQL) calling a workspace() using a variable

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Dear, I need/want to call a (cross) LogAnalytics workspace using a variable. Something like the following:

let var_j="ABCD";



Of course, it works if I do:



Could any of you help me?

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@jjsantanna We can do a cross workspace querying by using workspace name and union KQL statements.  Something like this below,


workspace('<<your workspacename>>').tablename
union workspace(''<<your workspacename>>').tablename
where CategoryValue = 'Administrative'
If you would like to understand more details, pls refer this link: What’s New: Cross-workspace Analytics Rules - Microsoft Tech Community
Hope it helps.

Hi @printscreen, you didn't understand my question.


I just want to put the name of a log analytics workspace in a variable ("X") and call this variable (not the string) from the workspace() function. For example:


let X = loganalytics_workspacename;



*I'm writing some automated report and I would like to iterate over the loganalytics workspaces that we manage.



@jjsantanna Apologies, I got it wrong then, is this something below which you are looking at, does this helps?


let x = union workspace('workspacename1').AzureActivity;
let y = union workspace('workspacename2').SecurityEvent;
project timespan(8d)
NOT YET my dear @printscreen. But thanks so far for your willingness .
Using your example I want the following:

let x = 'workspacename1';
Good afternoon, @jjsantanna.

Did you have any help with this point? I am experiencing the same problem but I am not succeeding. I declare the value of the workspace in a variable and pass the variable in the expression workspace(var_).Syslog, however, it is not working.

Got an answer with that?
No. This specific issue was not solved!
Any success yet? :)