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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Issue with Logic Apps running MANY times after enabling it

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Hey guys!


Anyone seen this problem before? This has happened to me a lot.


I'll build out some logic (most of the time a schedule trigger that might run either every 5 mins or 1 hour) - go to enable it then it runs a million times over.  Some of them I've just noticed have returned to a normal state after they've all run. There's enough runs to use a lot of resources that trying to edit another logic app fails! 


But I have no idea why it's doing this?!




The trigger




Any help appreciated!





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Can't say I have seen this exact issue before. I have seen multiple instances running if the first one has not finished running before the second one kicked off but not having all of them kick off at the same time.

@Gary Bushey 


It's pretty crazy.  I left this on over night.... This is from literally just clicking enable once...

Seems to have gone back to normal now, but for the life of me can't find an answer to this one.



That may require a ticket with MS to figure out

Right, I think I've found the culprit... Running normal now.


Swapped out my 3 minute sliding window trigger for 3 minute recurrence 



Hit the enable button and it seems to be normal.


There were no other values or attributes attached to the sliding window but I regularly shift logic apps around via ARM templates. I think maybe this can cause some issues.


Thought I'd update here just in case anyone else gets this issue.


I am facing same issue after enabling the logic app. I am using Logic app consumption and trigger is Recurrence set to once a day.
According to MS doc -
For the Recurrence trigger when you are setting the concurrency as one for every one hour it means that your workflow will be triggered every one hour. If the trigger misses recurrences, for example, due to disruptions or disabled workflows, the Recurrence trigger doesn't process the missed recurrences but restarts recurrences with the next scheduled interval.

Whereas when you use Sliding Window trigger it will trigger every one hour. If recurrences are missed for any reason, for example, due to disruptions or disabled workflows, this trigger processes those missed recurrences. Let's say if you have disabled the trigger for 5 hr then there will be five misses but as soon as you have enabled the trigger again the logic app starts 5 times simultaneously.

Because of this reason, I started with Recurrence trigger only and now this issue is different. It is hard to figure out the root cause though trigger is Recurrence.

Has anyone able to figure out the reason for this behaviour ? I have various batch jobs run using recurrence and after enabling any logic app it is showing same behavior.


I have re-deployed the ARM, I have deleted and created a new logic app but the issue still persists. Any help is appreciated. 

Hey spnelli,

You've made it a lot clearer to me on how that sliding window works. It actually sounds like a very good idea and I feel like I should be using this instead... although I've just removed all of them and replaced with a Recurrence trigger.

So my cure before was to delete the logic app and create a new one with a new resource name. I didn't have that issue after that.

Have you tried this?