Issue with Cisco Umbrella template

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Hi All,


Not sure if anyone else has run into this issue when deploying the preview editon of the Umbrella Connector. The expected data types in the pre-built queries is Cisco_Umbrella, however the Function app  created the following data types

- Cisco_Umbrella_dns_CL

- Cisco_Umbrella_proxy

- Cisco_Umbrella_ip_CL

- Cisco Umberlla_cloudfirewall_Cl


So none of out of the box queries work, and it isn't a simple action to swap in the correct data types. You need to rewrite the query with the correct fields.


Curious to see if anyone has had the same issues?




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I suspect you need the Parser:
This is mentioned at the top of the "next steps" page when you go to the Data Connector in Azure Sentinel.