Incident owner always shows up as unassigned

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On the incidents screen, the Owner column always indicates "Unassigned" even if the incident has been assigned to someone and that the detail portion shows that it has been assigned to someone.

Am I missing something?


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I just checked and it works fine with me.
Have you tried a different browser/relogging?
Hi, I tried with a different browser but the results are the same. What do you mean by "relogging"?

@pierred365 Logging out and logging back in.  Web browser version of rebooting ;)

Sorry about my question. I feel like a total noob. I thought it was a special action in Sentinel like reloading the logs or something. Anyway, yes I did try multiple times restarting my browser, logging in and out of Azure and change browser. I am just starting exploring with Sentinel and this is not reassuring!

@pierred365can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing (with all the sensitive information blacked out of course)?    I just tried a few test cases and they all seemed to work correctly.

@Gary Bushey As you can see on the screenshot, the "Owner" column shows all incident are unassigned.  When I select an incident that I have assigned like incident id 8, the detail pane at the right shows that it is assigned to an owner. 

@pierred365 Seems like you will need to open a ticket with MS.  That is definitely not how it should work. I have tested in two different tenants where it works just fine.

Thanks for your time Gary

@pierred365 Do you have at least the Azure Sentinel Responder role?