How to get trigger when our app server was down

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Hi Friends,


I have one vm. In that vm i hosted one application incase my server was down. that how to i get alert in login app in through it possible or not?if incase possiable how i deployed on.what is the procedure and what is the prerequeist

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There are examples in the Queries pane of Log Analytics. 


This one checks if a Server hasn't reported in in 5mins (adjust as necessary).  Add this to a Sentinel Scheduled Analytic rule Create custom analytics rules to detect threats with Microsoft Sentinel | Microsoft Docs

Go to Log Analytics and run query

// Not reporting VMs 
// VMs that have not reported a heartbeat in the last 5 minutes. 
// To create an alert for this query, click '+ New alert rule'
| where TimeGenerated > ago(24h)
| summarize LastCall = max(TimeGenerated) by Computer, _ResourceId
| where LastCall < ago(5m)


Thank you .