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How to clone or duplicate an Analytic Rule in Microsoft Sentinel using PowerShell

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How can you clone or duplicate an Analytic Rule that resides in Microsoft Sentinel using either PowerShell or Azure CLI?

The cloned Analytic Rule will require a new ruleId and name but all other properties can remain the same.

I have tried using the Sentinel-related PowerShell module and functions...

$resourceGroupName = "XYZ"
$workspaceName = "abc"

# Get all analytic rules
$analyticRules = Get-AzSentinelAlertRule -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -WorkspaceName $workspaceName

foreach ($rule in $analyticRules) {

# Duplicate each rule
$newRule = $rule
$newRule.DisplayName = "_" + $rule.DisplayName
$newRule.Id = $null # Clear ID for new rule creation

# Create the duplicated rule
# /// New-AzOperationalInsightsSavedSearch -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -WorkspaceName $workspaceName -Properties $newRule.Properties
#? New-AzSentinelAlertRule ? parameters to add


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Thank you for the response @jaymcc510.

Just not getting time to test at the moment, but unsure of the parameters to use in New-AzSentinelAlertRule
Hello, in Sentinel it is possible to clone the analytical rule, adding a new title and keeping the settings the same, would this help you via Sentinel or is it necessary via PowerShell?