How to avoid query results to not display columns with null results ?

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Using the API, I am running a query across several tables and projects specific columns from each table if the data is present. However, API output displays expected results but it also contains empty columns if the data is not present in it. 


For example, my query is meant to display only few columns i.e. column A from table1, column B from table 2 and C from table 3. 

If column C is empty, API will display column A, B and C. But, the UI will display only column A and B (hides those column with empty data)


The UI has an option under settings and using it we are able to omit such empty columns in query results. Wondering if there are any commands that can help me while using the API ? 



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@abon13 There isn't any option in the API.   The UI would determine if it doesn't need to show a column


Not sure what setting you are referring to that would enable/disable this feature.  I do not see anything in the Logs' page settings.