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Help with a query to count

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Trying to create a query that will count all of the diffrent ruleid's over the past week but having a hard time. Any help appreciated.



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Its will be similar to this, you'll have to amend lines 1 & 2 to match your Table and Columns 


| extend ruleID = tostring(parse_json(Properties).activitySubstatusValue)
| summarize count() by ruleID


Thanks so much Clive, that worked like a charm.
Is it possible to create an alert in log analytics whenever the count for a particular WAF rule being triggered exceeds a certain threshold in a given time frame?

i.e. if the count for "AWSManagedRulesAnonymousIpList" was typically 1000 in an hour and spiked to 15000, how can I alert on this?



| where TimeGenerated > ago(1h)
//| summarize count() by EventSource
| count
| where Count > 1000


| where TimeGenerated > ago(1d)
| summarize countPerHour=count() by EventSource, bin(TimeGenerated,1h)
| where countPerHour > 1000


Thanks Clive, could you explain the difference bewteen the 2 here? How would I apply this to a specific ruleid?