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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Hello Azure Security!



Currently, I’ve been waiting weeks to get my questions answered from Microsoft Support, and to be approved by the OneVet team - so I am bringing my questions to the forums, where the experts are.




If I was to offer an MDR solution to clients, what is needed, and why? I am projecting it would look something like this:


  • Azure Sentinel
  • Log analytics
  • Defender/or ATP? (Differences?)


Is there anything missing in this stack that you would consider essential?


What are the current CSP pricing models for these services, (keep in mind, I do not have access to the CSP portal yet, and I’ve been waiting weeks)


NETFLOW data, I understand I can ingest this data into Azure Sentinel, but for a small-business operating without a switch or with a switch, with defender deployed on all endpoints... is NetFlow data needed?


Question on Capacity - I am trying to understand the average usage of a 10-endpoint office/business, and what the costs associated would be to deploy Microsoft Security Solutions as described above.


What is the typical usage for a small size business and medium size business?

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Thanks @David_William46 

@Deleted don't pay attention to the response from David, it looks like a scam.

Brilliant! @Javier-Soriano 

Some of my questions have been answered via PM.
You can delete this thread , as I cannot edit the original content.

I do have some additional questions, do you mind if I PM you?

(p.s. I've read all of your documentation, well written)

@Deleted sure