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Find sign-ins from non entra managed devices over the past month using KQL

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Hi we are looking to find logins from non domain joined devices using KQL but can't seem to write a query that works. I know I can find this data in defender for cloud apps but the logs limit only reaches 5000.


I was thinking something likethis 

| where createdDateTime >= ago(30d)
| where deviceTrustType !in ("Enrolled", "Managed")
| project createdDateTime, userPrincipalName, ipAddress, deviceTrustType, deviceId, appDisplayName, location


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@Danielburt1650 How about this?

| where TimeGenerated >= ago(30d)
| where DeviceDetail.isCompliant == false
        and ResultType ==0
| extend deviceName_ = tostring(DeviceDetail.displayName)
| extend trustType_ = tostring(DeviceDetail.trustType)
| distinct deviceName_, trustType_, UserPrincipalName , IPAddress, AppDisplayName, DeviceID=tostring(DeviceDetail), Location

  Some more ideas here: Microsoft Entra security operations for devices | Microsoft Learn