Exporting Sentinel Analytics Rules on a Schedule

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Hi all,


Has anyone come up with a method for automatically exporting analytics rules in an environment on a schedule? I understand that it's possible to do it through the GUI manually.


Is there a powershell script that can be executed to grab them all in JSON? Curious what others have done/are doing in this space. 

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Hi @Regan,

I've posted an article about this with a script here I leave the link, if you can't see it contact me privately and I'll help you.

Best regards
Cheers, I'll have a look. Do you have a github repo for this anywhere? I'll try modifying it so it can be run off a CI pipeline to keep a Sentinel-As-Code Git repo up to date.
Hi Regan,

Recently i forked a Github Repository for uploaded Sentinel Use cases and other topics related.