Evidence and entities for a REST API created incident

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We are creating incidents using Sentinel REST API.  We have noticed the evidence and entities fields for these incidents remain at processing status, they do not complete?


 Screenshot 2020-12-16 115234.png


Also the above investigation error message is always displayed.  ?



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@baddeacs I see the same thing.  It may be due to there not being any alerts associated with the incident.

@Gary Bushey  Thanks, good thought.  We don't see a way to provide this information via Sentinel API.  Separate question -  Are product names configurable?  Only MSFT products in the product name list.


Screenshot 2020-12-16 155301.png

@baddeacs There is a field for the product name but it is hidden a bit down (in the IncidentAdditionalData)  and is read-only so you will not be able to set it yourself (which makes sense).   I also don't see how to set the alert ID(s) when creating the Incident.


Not sure what your use case is but you may be better off creating an entry in a custom table that has the information you need and then creating an analytics rule that looks at that custom table to let Azure Sentinel create the Incident.