Edit a single watchlist item

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I have a watchlist, let's say it has 3000 watchlist items present.

I want to modify the value of an entry - an IP address that is no longer required.

Can I edit this programmatically?   At present I manually have to scroll through each page of results with a CTRL+F to find on the page which is really lame.

Surely there must be a better way?

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Hey @CodnChips 


have you considered creating a logic app to find the value and change it within the watchlist


There are logic app components for watchlists for sentinel


Check out this reference here

Hey @BillClarksonAntill, thanks very much for your response & link. I had not investigated LogicApps for this, so I will have a read n click, and see what I can see!
A logicApp does seem a bit like "a sledgehammer to crack a walnut" and I don't like that using them incurs cost. In order to manage\maintain threat intelligence, basic list admin should be a fundamental piece of functionality within the interface. I'll find somewhere to raise it as a feature request.