Easier "trust all" setup

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I setup Azure Sentinal for my Azure/O365 cloud products today. I had to configure quite a bit of trust, install dashboards, etc. and they don't even show data. I can only run hunting queries which display in wacky graphs that are not on a geographic map or showing IP locations on a map, but rather a clunky chart that's configurable.


I wish there was a better "get started - full trust" button to just go through consent screens and display the orgs data on a dashboard. 

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Thanks for your feedback and for participating in our public preview. Adding @Koby Koren or @Shalini Pasupneti so they can note this feedback and/or speak to this issue.  

Hi Eric,
Dashboards require relevant data sources to be connected to be populated. For example, Exchange Online dashboard in the screenshot you sent requires Office Activity. From the data collection page, navigate to Office365 tile and click on configure to get started. Please refer to our data sources documentation page for further details.