DataConnector throws error and can't be deleted

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The DataConnector (from "Microsoft Defender for Cloud solution") "Tenant-based Microsoft Defender for Cloud (Preview )" could not be found anymore and just get Errors. The Problem is, the Connector can't be deleted, because it could not be found in the Dataconnectors.... ! There is an Error Massage every Time I open Sentinel, and it can't be deleted because the Connector is not displayed. Is there anaother way to delete this connector?


The following codeless connectors are not valid, and will not be displayed: Connector display name: Tenant-based Microsoft Defender for Cloud (Preview ), ConnectorID: ..., ConnectorKind: StaticUI, Error: Error: staticConnectorModel for microsoftdefenderforcloudtenantbased was not found in static connectors list. Try to update the solution, if there is an update available.


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@CaptGuybrush we have the same behaviour in our tenant. It's also been reported on the Azure repo: