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data ingestion workbook

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i have used one of @CliveWatson awesome workbooks:


union isfuzzy=true
summarize Records = count() by TableName = Type, Vendor = "Table1"
extend PotentialDataSource = iif(Records>0,":white_heavy_check_mark: data is ingested",":cross_mark:no data")
summarize Records = count() by TableName = Type, Vendor = "Table2"
extend PotentialDataSource = iif(Records>1,":white_heavy_check_mark: data is ingested",":cross_mark:no data")
1. while using it as a workbook when data ingestion is stopping the "No Data" is shown for a few minutes and than disappear from the results. how can i keep it consistent until data is ingested again
2. how can i auto refresh the each windows in the workbook or the entire workbook, as it servers as a monitoring console, is there another solution than refreshing the pages ?
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Thank you.  In this case I'd recommend (unless you add a browser extension to refresh the workbook page - which I've not tried), actually adding the reports to a Azure Dashboard. 

Dashboards allow a refresh.


Annotation 2020-04-30 195054.jpg


Adjust your query window, to enable the push pin.  


Annotation 2020-04-30 194807.jpg 

Then pin that to a Azure Dashboard.